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since 2010 AlDurra company has
entered the world of Medicine due to it's strong direct relationship with doctors as AlDurra scientific bureau .The years of experience although it is small but has made us a leader in lraq in ophthalmic devices distribution . & encouraged us to begin work in ophthalmic drugs e.g eye drops & ointment. The 2nd line of work was in medicine in distributing drugs as vials & ampules & ointments in field of rheumatology&dermatology&plastic and general surgery. 


1-Durra Babylon company 
Address:- Baghdad city, Andulus square ,near ibn Al-Haitham teaching hospital  .
2-Durra AlMasra company(babil branch)
Address:-Babylon, Hilla city .
3-Durra AlMasra company (karbala branch)
Address:- karbala city 

4-Zetameds company 
Address:- India,chenni city
5-MTC company 
Address:- Erbil city ,salah aldin street

Argusol Eye Pad

Argusol Eye pad : is natural way to fight eye irritation and keep eyelids & lashes healthy . Argusol cleans deeply to remove debris and bio-material . Select Argusol eye pad for a new level of eyelid hygiene .
Argusol eyepad contain 5% pharmaceutical tea tree oil  , 1% Chamomile Extract
It’s Sterile >> can use it Post-operative
 Clean more deeply to eliminate moderate-severe symptoms and eradicate Demodex Mite . In addition to 
it’s easy to use without preparation and rinsing 


SAFD-Ag لصقات الحروق

Super Absorbent Foam Dressing -Ag relase 
Antibacterial 99.99% 
SAFD Silver Alginate Dressing is composed of calcium alginate which derived from seaweed through a series of special process and silver particles . SAFD is designed to be highly and fast absorbent. the dressing absorbs exudates and forms gel-like covering over the wound , maintains a moist environment for wound healing , which also keeps the dressing from adhering to the wound . the most fascinating aspect is the dressing can .
restrain the bacteria growing and reduce infection 


وكالاتنا Our agencies

Distribution & product line :

1-Neitz ophthalmic (Japan)  www.neitz-ophthalnnic.com

2-Asico Surgical instruments (USA) www.asico.com

3-Eschenbach (Germany) www.eschenbach-optik.com
4-ultravision csmpany ( U.K ) www.ultravision.co.uk

5- Avizor ( Spain )  www.avizor.es

6-Good lite ( USA )    www.good-lite.com
7-Ocular ( USA ) www.ocularinc.com

8-Katena ( USA )  www.katena.com

9-Aurolab company ( India ) www.aurolab.com

10-DGH ( USA ) www.dghtechnology.com

11- Peschka (swiss) www.peschketrade.com 
12- Amidia ( swiss ) www.amidia.ch

13-Eyekon  ( USA ) www.eyekon.com

14-Cilita ( Russia ) www.cilita.com

15-Crystal vue (Taiwan) www.crystalvue.com.tw

16-Teknomek ( Turkey ) www.teknomek.net

17-Huizhou (china )

18 -Liqvor company ( Armenia ) www.liqvor.com

19 - Sunkingdom ( China )

Coroneo Punctal Gauge

Tutoplast® Sclera

Vario LED Flex

The Vario LED Flex Lamp Magnifier combines distortion-free optical magnification with shadow-free illumination to provide optimum conditions for carrying out highly detailed work, while having both hands free. The ergonomically shaped handle, along with a flexible gooseneck stand with smooth action, and a lens that tilts in many directions, ensures easy and precise adjustment of the magnifier head to suit individual requirements. With the push of a button, the user can also switch between shadow-free ring illumination and segment illumination which produces a beam of light.


  • Magnification: 2.5x
  • Diopter: 6D
  • Illumination: Ring of 63 SMD LEDs - 6000 lx (at 6 in. working distance)
  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Lens Material: PMX Optical Grade Plastic
  • Lens Coating: Cera-Tec Coating
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Mount: Plastic
  • Arm: 22.6 in. flexible gooseneck design
  • Base: Clamp attaches to tables up to 2.4 in. thick
  • Lens Size: 2.9 in.
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Accessories: Table base #2781-9 sold separately
  • Miscellaneous: 2 illumination options--shadow free ring or precise segment; brightness of up to 6,000 lx; Microfiber cleaning cloth/lens cover included; power cord is 8 feet long.

Wellness PROTECT Eyewear

WellnessPROTECT® Eyewear features amber lenses that protect the eyes by blocking light 470nm in wavelength and less, cutting out most blue light. The attractive frame provides protection, comfort, and style as  well as side and top protection. The protection comes from shields on the top and bottom of the lens as well as from a custom made side shields. Although providing excellent, full coverage, the shields still allow air to circulate freely avoiding the fogging-up effect that can occur with more snug fitting eyewear.

"Off-the-shelf" options are available in 5 tints: WP15 Light Amber, WP50/15 Gradient Amber, WP65 Dark Amber, WP75P Darker Amber Polarized, and WP85 Darkest Amber. These tints give users a choice in how much overall light they wish to have blocked, and the gradient option provides the ability to block more light looking straight ahead, and less light when looking down.

Prescription Correctable

WellnessPROTECT Eyewear is also available without tinted lenses so you can offer a prescription-corrected option to your patients while still getting the benefits of the fashionable frame and protective side shields. Eschenbach carries the popular contrast-enhancing tints found in SolarShield line including yellow (450nm), orange (525nm), amber (511nm) and plum (400nm).


  • Lens Type: Blue-blocking (470nm) lenses; blocks 100% UVA and UVB
  • Frame Size: 57mm
  • Temple Size: 135mm
  • Bridge Size: 16mm
  • Style: Top, bottom and side shields
  • Rx-able: Yes
  • Tint Color: 5 tints: a light 15% brown, a darker 65% brown, a darker 75% brown polarized, the darkest brown 85%, or a gradient 50%-15%
  • Accessories: Protective case (included)

    Makrolux magnifier 3.6X

    Eschenbach's Makrolux magnifiers combine magnification and bright illumination with a unique easy orientation designed to reduce neck strain and fatigue while reading.

    Patients that are visually impaired often complain that the combination of small print and poor illumination frequently cause fatigue while reading. The Makrolux combines the following essential elements that help address this problem:
    1) magnification, 2) illumination and 3) easy orientation. The magnification provided by the Makrolux is distortion-free from edge to edge, and it is uniformly illuminated by a bright LED. Plus, the large 90x30mm viewing area is rectangular in shape making it easy to navigate across lines of text. All of these features allow the Makrolux to provide users with the ability to read comfortably for long periods of time! 
    The 3.6x Makrolux provides distortion-free, edge to edge clarity through a large (90x30mm) rectangular viewing area, making it easy to navigate across lines of text found in newspapers and magazines.

    The lens is tilted at an angle to make the magnifiers ergonomic, thereby producing a more comfortable reading experience, especially for long periods of time! Plus, the ridges on the bottom of the model keep the lens 1mm off the reading surface to prevent the lens from scratching.


    • Magnification: 3.6x
    • Illumination: LED
    • Lens Type: Aspheric
    • Lens Material: PXM Plastic
    • Lens Coating: Cera-Tec Coating
    • Power Source: 3 AA Batteries (included)
    • Mount: Silver ABS Plastic and a matte edge
    • Point of Purchase Display: FREE 87278 display with the purchase of any 3 Makrolux
    • Lens Size: 3.54 in. x 1.37 in. x 2.75 in.
    • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
    • Accessories: Includes a soft micro-fiber bag to protect lens & 3 AA batteries

    Max Tv for distance


    Maximize the size of TV screens with the easiest-to-fit, binocular, telescopic distance system ever introduced - MaxTV® glasses!  
    These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2.1x magnification AND can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 diopters], making the system adaptable to most patients!

    The glasses will focus on objects from distances of 3 m [10 feet] to infinity, and are perfect for watching TV, sporting events, movies, theatre, bird watching, or any other distance viewing activity in which a magnified image would be helpful.

    With flexible temples, the 1624-11 MaxTV® telescopic glasses are the most comfortable television viewing device ever. Don't let your patients rush out and spend thousands on a large screen TV - try the MaxTV® first!
    To all California residents - WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. To learn more click HERE!


    • Magnification: 2.1x
    • Lens Type: Galilean
    • Lens Material: PXM Plastic
    • Mount: Black frame
    • Frame Size: 137 mm
    • Temple Size: 135 mm
    • Bridge Size: Open saddle
    • Lens Size: 1.25 in.
    • Focal Range: 10 feet to infinity
    • Field of view: 20 degrees
    • PD Range: 60 - 68 mm
    • Weight: 1.7 oz
    • Accessories: Sturdy, protective, framed nylon (with zipper) case included
    • Miscellaneous: +/- 3D of spherical correction allows for adjustment of focal length from 10’


    Canalicular tubing

    Aurostent, a medical graded silicone implant is an effective tool in reconstructing traumatic canalicular lacerations.

    Product Features:

    • Minimum risk of injury to the non- lacerated canaliculus.
    • Results in anatomical and functional success rates.
    • Enables secure anchoring at the punctum.


    Aurolac is used in conventional DCR surgery. (In DCR procedure an anastomosis (a shunt) is created between the sac and the nasal mucosa to bypass an obstruction in the nasolacrimal duct).

    Product Description:

    Lacrimal intubation set comprises of two flexible stainless steel probes attached through a hollow medical graded silicone tube which is used in conventional DCR procedure.

    Auro Swab

    Auroswab is a cotton medical applicator used mainly for mopping excess fluid during intra-operative procedures. It is mainly used in Retina, Orbit and Oculoplasty, Cornea and Cataract surgeries. Unlike the regular cotton buds available in the market, Auroswab is fiber free and has a higher absorbency. Its longer stem is made of polypropylene makes it comfortable for use and most importantly it comes in ready to use ETO sterile form.

    Product features:

    • Completely Automated manufacturing process with minimum human intervention (packaging only).
    • Sterilized in medical grade Amcor Pouches.
    • Non Fibrous and No Particle shed.
    • Dense Cotton Head.


    • Assured Sterility.
    • OT assistant can aid in mopping excess fluids due to long handle.
    • Higher Absorbency.


    • Safe to use.
    • Increased efficiency.
    • Faster surgery.

    Technical Specification:

    • Cotton head Diameter: 10 -12 mm.
    • Overall length of the product: 15 cm.


    • 1 box of 10 foils with 5 swab sticks.


    Aurosling is used in the surgical procedure for the correction of Ptosis which is abnormal low position of the upper eyelid.

    Product Description:

    Aurosling is an implantable flexible silicon rod attached to malleable sharp needles with a silicon sleeve.

    Product features:

    Aurosling provides,
    • Excellent biocompatibility.
    • Good lid closure.
    • For easy adjustment after the surgical procedure for any recorrections.

    LidClean (Aurolab)

    Product features:

    • Triple Antimicrobial Agents - 1,2 hexane diol, 1,2 octane diol and Polyhexa methylene biguanide.
    • Cleans, moisturizes and refreshes the eyelids.
    • Non irritant and contains no synthetic detergents.


    Available in 50ml foam pump.

    Hawk-i Aurolab Slitlamp

    Aurolab has introduced its range of slit lamps under the brand name “Hawk – i”. Hawk - i fullfills a long time gap in the market for a good optical quality product below a lakh of rupees. Hawk – i is a compact illumination system with fluid mechanical movement which offers excellent optical functions needed for eye care professionals. 
    It comes in both top and bottom illumination with 3- step and 5- step magnification.

    Non - Absorbable Suture

    Aurolab has different ranges of non-absorbable suture made of Nylon, Silk, Polypropylene and Polyester indicated for the use of Ophthalmic surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery and hand plastic reconstructive surgeries. All ranges of non-absorbable suture ensures,

    Product features:

    • Smooth passage through tissue.
    • Excellent knot run down and security.
    • Minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction.
    • Optimal elasticity and elongation properties.
    “ Aurolab at present manufactures four kinds of Non- absorbable sutures with world class quality” they are,
    • Aurosilk (Silk suture).
    • Aurolon (Nylon suture).
    • Aurolene (Polypropylene suture).
    • Aurobond (Polyester suture).

    Aurolab Suture needles has special advantages:

    • Capability to manufacture from 70 micron to 330 micron with different cutting profile.
    • Advanced micro point spatula/taper/conventional and reverse cutting edges for minimal penetration force.
    • Burr free needle surface for lesser tissue trauma.
    • Special process for needle attachment to maximize strength.
    • Optimum needle cutting edges for drag free passage through the toughest tissue.
    • Unique needle body geometry for excellent grip stability.
    • High needle bending resistance for retaining original curvature.

    absorbable suture-Polycryl

    Aurolab’s Polycryl is an absorbable suture made of Poly glycolic acid (PGA) available in violet braided and monofilament gives excellent support during crucial wound healing. Our special coating ensures smooth drag free through tissues.

    Product features:

    • It is a violet dyed (D&C Violet No. 2) suture available in monofilament as well as in braided form.
    • This suture is coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate to avoid suture slip and fray out of sutures at the end.
    • Polycryl suture has:
      • Very high initial tensile strength
      • Excellent knot security
      • Excellent handling
    • Perfect tensile strength during the crucial wound healing period 65% initial tensile strength at 14 days and 35% initial tensile strength at 21 days.

    Model and Description:

    NeedleSuture MaterialSuture LengthApplicationsSuture Sizes
    Advanced Side Cutting
    Point Spatula
    Diameter-0.33 mm
    Length -8.0 mm
    1/4 circle 90°
    Poly Glycolic Acid
    Violet Braided
    45cm(18") Lacrimal Surgery, Lid & Socket Reconstruction, Retinal Detachment, Vitreous Surgery, Squint Correction, Pterygium, Orbit & Oculoplasty and MembranectomyA6108
    Advanced Micro
    Point Spatula
    Diameter-0.230 mm
    Length -6.5 mm
    3/8 circle 140°
    Poly Glycolic Acid Violet Braided30cm(12") Scleratomies, Vitretomy, Lensectomy and Retinal DetachmentA7102
    Advanced Micro
    Point Spatula
    Diameter-0.200 mm
    Length -6.0mm
    3/8 circle 140°
    Poly Glycolic Acid Violet Braided30cm(12") Trabeculectomy and Conjunctival SuturingA8104
    Advanced Side Cutting
    Point Spatula
    Diameter-0.15 mm
    Length -6.0 mm
    3/8 circle 140°
    Poly Glycolic Acid Violet Monofilament10cm (4")   Conjunctival suturing & Cataract SurgeriesA0101

    PGA Properties & Advantages:

    • Secure:
      • Eliminate the need for a second invasive procedure.
      • Superior coating ensures first throw holding.
      • Easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security.
    • Strong:
      • Strong enough to provide sufficient tissue support while degrading.
      • Advanced braiding technology guarantees excellent tensile strength.
      • Easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security.
    • Soft:
      • Poly caprolactone andcalcium sterate coating ensures a smooth & drag free passage through tissues.
    • The following factors ensures the quality of the Polycryl sutures,
      • Highly controlled packing environment, as sutures (especially absorbable sutures) are highly sensitive to moisture.
      • Products are tested for tensile strength, attachment strength, Sterility, LAL test, and Moisture content before the release to ensure quality as per the standards.
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